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Valley Facing Deluxe Room

The valley facing rooms at Mountain Trail are equipped with all necessities, and a spacious bathroom with a comfortable and clean bathing area. The rooms are hill cottages, spread out over a fruit orchard. We welcome all - from professionals who hail from metropolitans, to college students who need an adventure escape. We welcome the elderly (Elderly Friendly Rooms) to bask in the sun and the children who want a friendly table tennis match with their peers. Spread out over an area of over 2 acres, Mountain trail is equipped with conference halls, recreational yoga classes, nature walks, game rooms, libraries, and delectable food only a phone call away. Enjoy your nights in front of a private Bon fire with chocolates from Choco-house, or sing and dance to our local entertainers and musicians (that can be hired on demand).


*Please note- Mountain Trail is a nature retreat, and we encourage our guests to enjoy the splendors of nature by going out for treks, forest picnics, enjoying evenings by the bonfire or going for night jungle walks. Having that bent, we've never had TVs in our rooms but we do have a projection screen and speaker's set up in our recreation hall with a cable connection if somebody really wants to follow some news etc. For more information, you can read our fact sheet here

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