Mukteshwar | Nainital

Uttarakhand Himalayas

Tour Highlights

Spend the first two days relaxing at one of the most scenic hill stations of Kumaon - Mukteshwar. Being at a height of 2200m above sea level it is one of the best places to feel the fresh and crisp Himalayan air, enjoy scenic vistas of the Himalayan range, sunrise and the glorious sunset. Rich in flora and fauna Mukteshwar is home to 250+ species of birds. From Mukteshwar we take you to Nainital which is the most popular lake township in the region. The whole town is surrounding the lake and is bustling with hotels, restaurants, local markets, interesting cafes, sightseeing spots and more. You can shop to your hilt, enjoy culinary delights at a wide range of eateries which our mostly concentrated around the busy mall road, try some horse riding, boating, walk up to the China Peak and Tiffins Top and there'll still be more to do. After the peaceful stay at Mukteshwar this will be quite a contrast but a welcome one for your family. For the more evolved travelers there's lots of history to dive into as this beautiful was founded by the British so you'll have lots of colonial bungalows including Jim Corbett's house, really old churches etc.. There's even a zoo and observatory if it interests you.

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