Mukteshwar | Jageshwar

Uttarakhand Himalayas

Tour Highlights

This is a brilliant itinerary for a people looking for solitude and a rejuvenating escape from the busy city lives. For the first two days you have a relaxed stay at one of the most scenic hill stations of Kumaon - Mukteshwar. Being at a height of 2200m above sea level it is one of the best places to feel the fresh and crisp Himalayan air, enjoy scenic vistas of the Himalayan range, sunrise and the glorious sunset. Rich in flora and fauna Mukteshwar is home to 250+ species of birds. Then we escape to Jageshwar, nestled at height of amidst a forest dense with tall Deoadar trees. It's like you're going to hide away from the world to find yourself. Jageshwar is famous for it's temple cluster, an architectural marvel, all stacked up with stones, standing tall and strong for 1200+years and hopefully would be there forever. You can enjoy pure meditation, some soul calming walks along the creek which flows through the forest. This is serenity at it's best.

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