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mayank gupta


Hi, I’m Mayank, the owner of Mountain Trail!

An industrialist but would prefer to be known as an adventure enthusiast. I ride and I also make hoses (the latter is boring, but if you’re into industrial hoses you can check us out here. )

The resort Mountain Trail was an idea that had dawned upon Mayank’s father when Mayank was 16.This resort was then built, brick by brick, by their own family.In those times, due to lack of manual labor in this area, and a heavy deficit in mechanized construction, Mayank and his helpers would take turns to fetch water for construction from a spring source miles away. Raw Material was rationed and extremely expensive to procure as it came from 70Kms away. He has seen this resort grow and become a facility that invigorates, challenges and constantly calls back the visitors that have come in the last 25 years.

I love my bike and I love the hills and I know this place to each leopard’s kills.

You’ll find Mayank’s parents, Dilip and Rita at the resort, where they also have a country home, most part of the year except winters. As the creator Mr.Dilip Gupta is always involved and concerned about the guest’s wellbeing while Mayank’s mother is the goddess behind the Chocolates and Brownies at the famous Choco-House Chocolate Shop owned by the Family. Mayank visits almost every two weeks, so you know you’ll have an experienced man guiding your trip.Mayank has been riding his Harley for the last 7 years. He has travelled extensively both on his bike and his car, covering Leh / Ladakh, Spiti and all around the Southern Coasts not only has he explored the beautiful routes of India, that are heard and unheard of, he has also been on several international road trips. Given a choice, he will keep his wheels rolling in India as there’s so much beauty to explore. Mountain Trail was built as an escape- but that isn’t really an excuse to laze around all day, there’s some amazing activities to experience. This escape from ‘the hustle bustle’ brings you to this soul satiating experiences, where you can experience the calm, fight your demons, all while being in the comforting lap of nature. Trust us, when you experience the eeriness and the goose bumps on the night jungle walk with our guides, you’ll start looking at life differently.Mountain Trail is the only green, eco-friendly resort in Mukteshwar for the last 25 years and has hence, been one of the oldest names in hospitality in the area. Situated 2250m above sea level, it promises you a breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayas, the deep wooded valleys, and a guilt-free indulgence of the rejuvenating experience.

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