Tethys Resort - Narkanda
At 10,000 ft among the dense woodlands of mixed tropical forests, Narkanda is a much revered and sought after travel trivia. Surrounded by the villages, apple orchards and dense forest cover; Narkanda is endowed with pristine beauty. Clean crisp air rejuvenates you, calm surroundings tranquilizes the soul.

According to the mythological and Geological concept Himalayas emerged from the vast ocean called Tethys and is youngest of all mountains.

Tethys Retreat Narkanda, an idyllic retreat on the western end commands a splendid view of the Hatu hill in the front with the interlocking spurs decked with rich forest cover.

It affords an aerial view of the mighty Himalayas on the east and picturesque views of far-flung low-lying villages adding a beauty to the place. It’s the recreational hub for the travelers seeking a solace in gentle lap of nature and aiming for an exciting and adventurous holiday. Our outdoor activities menu has a lot to offer for the most cupid traveler.
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Tethys Resort - Narkanda
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Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
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Tethys Resort - Narkanda
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Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
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Tethys Resort - Narkanda
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Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Include social outings, happy hours and activities like hiking, camping, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, river rafting as. Qualified members organize all activities. Events are organized at regular intervals ranging from mountain biking trail, horse riding, fun skiing, and treasure hunt in magnificent woodlands and encouraging eco awareness projects. The Club Tethys brings together those who wish to experience the outdoors and those who want to learn.

It’s all about having a great time in outdoors. We cater to all programs from the learning stage to the expertise level. Extensive programs are run for the people to participate and learn the adventure skills and nature prospects. With plenty of upgraded equipment and skilled instructors the standards are umpteen.

The club would like to welcome any new members who would like to experience the excitement and beauty of the great outdoors. So don't just dream about it! Come along and choose from the list of exciting outdoor adventure schedules.

Adventure people -

Here at Tethys, we are adventure People, we intend to give you the very best of which the nature could provide. As the Himalayan ecology is full of various adventurous faculties our tailor-made itineraries concerning all the fields are a prolific and a ready reckoner to the more charged adventure lovers who have a deep insight & taste of the Himalayan plethora.

Thethys is an activity driven corridor for people from all segments of life, seeking renaissance. Be it activity or fun based recreation or just relaxing your nerves or befriending people, it provides all parameters under one roof. It is the conglomeration of Like minded people.

Places around Narkanda -
Sarharan, Bhimkali Temple
Sara Meadow
Derthu Temple
Golan Ghati Pass
Views from Tethys
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
"TETHYS", the retreat, is not what we are selling. We are selling holiday at Narkanda and Himalayas beyond. Tethys Retreat is the infrastructure we have created to make it possible to travel in this area in comfort. One can do recreational activities like snow-skiing in winter, rafting, mountain biking, pony rides, nature walks, treks and camping with us. We have created infrastructure for all these activities. For people wanting to just relax, there is a fireplace, nice chairs and a library... of course a well stocked Bar, Cheers !!!


What is Skiing - Don't stay happy making snowballs and lobbing them at unsuspecting folks when you holiday in snow-covered spots. Be adventurous. Put on a pair of skies and race across the snow, delighting in the sense of freedom the sport offers you. Take the necessary lessons from your instructor and get ready for some action. Recreational skiing is all about going down snow-covered slopes for the sheer joy of it. Competitive skiing, with Nordic, Alpine, Free style races and other events, calls for special skills and specialized equipment.

Narkanda has many slopes which provide excellent opportunities for cross-country and snow-hill skiing events. All that is required to pursue skiing as a recreational sport is good health. We offer international standard equipment and facilities. We have short term and long-term packages to suit amateurs. Instructors' fee is either part of the package or charged separately. The ideal time to go on a skiing holiday is between December and march.

What you must carry - We provide equipment such as skis, bindings and poles. Accessories to be carried include a ski parka and pants, thermal wear, woolen jersey, ski gloves and mittens, helmet, woolen socks, woolen scarf, gaiters, goggles. Carry plenty of sun protection cream.

Do's and Don'ts - Dress in warm clothes, wear ski goggles, drink lots of water at high altitudes, don't take on challenging slopes without professional guidance, don't eat snow.


Paragliding is available at Sangla (Kinnaur), Solang valley, Pabbar valley & Khara Pathar (Shimla). We organize only fun gliding in which you will be flying in tandem with very experienced fliers on wings designed by reputed companies. At some places flying involves a trek up to one hour, it may involve some wait for the right kind of conditions.


Sutlej basin below Narkanda provides a unique opportunity to have adrenalin rush through the low gradient rapids. Sutlej river from Tibet mansarovar meanders through the gorges with beautiful views of the rice fields and low-lying villages on both sides of the basin. A half n hour drive from Tethys leaves you at the basin.

Rivers have been the arteries of communication, commerce and culture in India for millennia. Life and human civilization are intricately linked with rivers. River Rafting expeditions are possible on the Beas, Sutluj and Chandra Bhaga rivers in Himachal Pradesh. The provisions for white water rafting in India are comparable with the standards of safely followed internationally.

At Tethys we provide equipment of the highest standard- helmets, life-jackets and rafts with buoyancy equivalent to American and Canadian lifeguard standards. To experience this action-packed and adrenaline pumping activity, you can be made proficient in just a few hours of basic training, and we also provide expert guidance on board, as well as all the logistics and rescue facilities including, moving on roads along the rivers


Village tour - Walk to the surrounding villages to feel the splendor of typical pahari flavor. One can pick fresh apples from the blooming orchards during the peak season months. Visit to the local household to get a deeper insight of the local habitat.

A walk in the woods - As the hills are covered with rich vegetation cover comprising of the pine. Oak, deodars, silver fur and rhododendron trees with a wild profusion of flowers and herbs, nature walks through the woods is a rejuvenating experience


Narkanda provides a countryside camping ground for-

Day Camps - Camp in the lush green meadows surrounded by the thick forest cover and at an easy distance from the main town.

Lakeside and orchard Camps - Hill lakes are crispy, clear water destinations for the rejuvenating experience. The trail leads from Narkanda to the apple country of India. The camp is set around the lake encircled by the mighty deodar and pine forest and on the east end a beautiful richly carved temple is exotic. Or camp amidst the apple orchard loaded with the fruit and a strong essence of the hill culture.

Overnight Camp - Camp amidst the beautiful setting of the cool air, green meadows, blue sky and wide valleys dotted with sparkling lights. Feel on the top of the world gazing at the thousand stars while sipping a hot coffee around a bonfire in the lovely evenings.

School camps - The camping grounds in an around Narkanda provides an idyllic setting for the school camps. With natural beautiful settings numerous activities can be done with, like trekking, rock climbing, zumaring, river crossing, burma bridgeand treasure hunt. Evenings are warm and vibrant around a bonfire and meal and tents are of the umpteen standard.

Camp Travera around Narkanda and Rejuvenation Camp at Churdhar, Snow Sojourn Sangla, Wild Profusion at Jalori pass and Camp Camaraderie at Mashobra are few of the camping sites.


Hatu Trail - Hatu hillock at 10,500ft is a beautiful spur ornamented with the temple of goddess Kali offering majestic views and a deep insight into the great Himalayan Range. The gradual path of 5 miles winds up from the hotel to the Hatu hill, that remains under a thick blanket of snow till mid May.

Hatu top provides beautiful and majestic views of the Himalayas and the surrounding pahari hamlets.

Village and Orchard Trail - Traverse through the meandering paths dotted with apple orchards to the tiny but richly carved wooden houses. The surrounding villages provide an aura of hill couture and an insight into the local folk culture and traditions. The 10 mile trail leads from the hotel to Thanedar village; the apple country of India.


To Hatu - Hatu hill at 10500 ft is a turf with wild profusion of flowers, providing with aerial view of the surrounding villages and valleys. The splendor of the majestic snow capped Himalayan panorama awestruck the traveler. The route meanders itself with a gradual ascent through the dense woods of pine, spruce deodars rhododendron and chestnut trees. The lush green meadow adds a luster to the place.

If one is lucky enough a chance of spotting a nomadic shepherd with thousand sheep are bright, relinquished and awarded with fresh goats milk !!!

Joy Rides - Ride through the hill terrain and feel the gush of clean air cleansing your lungs and rejuvenating you. The surrounding village sojourns or a ride through the calm forests is tranquilizing.

Narkanda Skiing Slope
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Skiing at Narkanda
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Camping Site at Tethys
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Hatu Top
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
On the way to Hatu
Tethys Resort - Narkanda
Derthu Temple
Tethys Resort - Narkanda

Summers - Day 25, Night 15
Winters - Day 12, Night 00
How To Reach

By Road - Delhi - Ambala - Chandigarh by pass - Solan - Shimla by pass - Kufri - Fagu - Narkanda (400 KM)
Shimla to Narkanda - 65 KM

By Train - Reach Kalka, then toy train to Shimla, then 65 km by car.


Tethys Retreat
Village Nagrot, Narkanda, Shimla Hills, PIN: 171213

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