Tanhau Corbett
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Tanhau was born out of our desire to find peace away from the concrete jungles that our cities are. It is a haven to enjoy nature & wildlife away from other tourists, in a manner that infringes the least on the surroundings. We are in a constant process of reforesting the property & the area with the aim of letting the wilderness back in again. All construction has been done with locally available talent & materials, so we take a strange pride in our imperfect but wholly indigenous, low impact developments.
We think of Tanhau not just as a place or property, but really more as a way of life – simple, peaceful & in harmony with nature. To reach Tanhau, the last four kilometers are along a jungle dirt track, of which the last kilometer was not even motorable till a couple of years ago. Located on top of a hill at an altitude of ~4,000 feet, Tanhau overlooks the reserve forests of Corbett Tiger Reserve & the winding Kosi river, & has arguably the most spectacular view in the Corbett area.
Cottage Bagh
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Built from ‘bricks’ made on the property itself, Bagh overlooks stunningly gorgeous reserve forests of Corbett. Located very close to the edge of the forest, this cottage offers a great chance to be up close and personal with wildlife if you are lucky.
While you sit in the verandah soaking in the view, you could hear or see an abundance of bird and animal action. The cottage is perched right above the track separating Tanhau from the forest, and at night this is often an animal superhighway, with occasional visits even from the local tigers.
Cottage Guldar
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Guldar is the local name for leopard, and this cottage is so named as there is frequently leopard movement on the village path close to this cottage. Also, like the secretive & elusive nature of the leopard, this cottage is tucked away in a corner of the property far away from the view of others. It resembles the forest rest houses inside the national park from the outside.
Guldar commands a beautiful view of the Kosi river winding it’s way through the verdant valley below, and a bird’s eye view of the small village of Taram on the opposite hill. This is the best place to enjoy the often stunning sunrises that Tanhau is blessed to enjoy.
Cottage Chukar
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Chukar is a larger two bedroom cottage, suitable for a family or a group of friends. Built entirely of stone, it is surrounded by trees and remains the coolest in summer. With a bonfire pit nearby and a long verandah perfect for putting your feet and relaxing in, it is a great unit to stay in as a group
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
At Tanhau, we enjoy hosting people who care about wildlife & nature – and we don’t want price to be a deterrent to such people coming here. Keeping this in mind, we give you a choice of food options – so you can choose if you want great wholesome home cooked Indian food or indulge yourself with more elaborate spreads spanning a variety of cuisines. This choice obviously is reflected in the tariff that you pay.
A lot of our vegetables are grown organically on the property itself, though they often fall prey to the local wildlife before they can end up in the kitchen. We have an alfresco dining area located outside the kitchen that we call ‘The Dhaba’ – with a couple of wooden benches and the occasional resident hen pecking around, it does resemble the roadside highway eateries it is named after. With a waterhole right below it, the dhaba is often a great spot for some relaxed birding. Main meals are served at the Dhaba, though if the weather is inclement our staff will be happy to get the food to your cottage. Morning & evening tea will be brought to your cottage unless you prefer to come and have it at the Dhaba.

We love to customize our menus according to your personal preferences & dietary requirements. However, since other than the vegetables we grow virtually all other ingredients need to be brought in from either the nearest town Ramnagar (42 km away) or Delhi, this requires some planning in advance. So once you’ve decided to visit Tanhau, we will typically get in touch to understand your food preferences before you arrive.
We encourage you to bring your own choice of spirits along if you wish at no charge, and will be happy to provide the mixers & accompaniments.
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Nature Hikes

This is our specialty and something we do really well – only because our passion for wildlife keeps us exploring these jungle trails ourselves. Join us on hikes through the beautiful reserve forests of Corbett and experience nature & wildlife as few people get to. We do a variety of hikes ranging from full-day hikes with a fair bit of climbing involved to more straightforward hikes lasting a couple of hours. Whether you follow the old trail used at one time by Jim Corbett’s famous Maneater of Mohan or just hike through the jungle to a lovely breakfast point, all our hikes give you the chance to experience great birding, stunning views and test your ability to negotiate your way through hilly terrain and dense forest. As always, nothing is predictable when it comes to wildlife but we often have some great experiences & sightings on these hikes. Walking on foot is an experience completely different from the jeep safaris inside a national park & one that we find addictive.

Excursions or Day Trips

Tanhau’s location is such that a variety of interesting day trips is possible. If you are in the mood for more mountains, we could take you for a leisurely day picnic trip to Ranikhet or the lesser known hill station of Manila. These places offer great views of the Himalayan peaks, picturesque drives and the opportunity to see some different hill birds from what are found in Tanhau. On the other hand, if you would rather explore more of the Corbett area we could take you to some of the other parts surrounding Corbett such as the Sitabani side, Kaladhungi or Dhela. Beautiful sal forests, deserted jungle roads and the chance of spotting wildlife make this an exciting option.


The area around Tanhau is gorgeous for camping out overnight, and we have a variety of spots that you could choose from based on your appetite for adventure as well as your fitness level. Hearing alarm calls and other sounds of the jungle as the day comes to an end is quite another experience while sitting outside your tent. And the evenings spent under the million stars are, of course, magical. Join us on one of these experiences to truly enjoy nature and wildlife away from the madding crowd.

Village walks

Experience the simple hospitality and warmth of the local villagers by visiting them at their homes. Drink a cup of chai with them & understand their Kumaoni traditions and customs. We are sure you will come away with a sense of admiration for the frugal, yet cheerful lives they lead. A walk around the local villages is a great way to truly experience life in these parts. In addition, there is always the upside of enjoying the stunning views and birding opportunities as you walk around.


Try your hand at angling in the Ramganga, if you’re lucky maybe you could net the elusive mighty Mahseer! Earlier a limited number of permits were issued in the immediate Corbett area itself, however now permits are issued for angling at Bhikyasain (about 1.5 hours drive from Tanhau). Fishing is strictly on a catch & release basis. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, angling is a great experience and can also be a fun outing by the riverside for the family.

4×4 Wildlife Safaris

Jeep safaris into the national park give a great opportunity to spot wildlife, and are something that you should not miss. Corbett National Park is the only well known national park in India that offers the opportunity to stay inside overnight.

Spending one or two nights in one of the Forest Rest houses (FRHs) inside the park is an experience that is not to be missed, and one we highly recommend in addition to your stay at Tanhau. We are happy to organize all aspects your stay inside the park, and we ensure that you have the services of a really good naturalist and driver. Though the FRHs are basic in infrastructure, we do add some elements of luxury to make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable.
You could also choose to do day safaris into the park rather than overnight stays, these can be done either in the morning or in the afternoon. We usually focus on safaris into the Dhikala and Bijrani zones as these are typically the best for tiger and other wildlife sightings. For birders we recommend the Lohachaur zone in winter while Halduparao provides a truly private jungle experience.
Tanhau across the Seasons
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Tanhau is beautiful through the year yet distinctly different both in the look & feel as well as the experiences it has to offer.
In summer there is a certain hostile beauty to the whole Corbett area. The Sal forests are carpeted with dry leaves as the trees shed the old leaves and grow new ones. The days are long and hot & this is typically the best time for seeing animals inside the national park, often near waterbodies where they come to quench their thirst and cool down. With both prey & predators feeling the heat, elephants in ‘mast’ & the Brainfever bird’s repeated, seemingly delirious calls, there is an air of madness in the jungle. Yet surprisingly, this is also the time when the brightest flowers come into bloom.
During this time Tanhau remains cool & pleasant in the mornings & evenings, though in peak summer it can get a little warm for a few hours in the afternoon. But then, there are lots of activities you could choose from to beat the heat. In the evenings, the calls of nightjars provide a constant accompaniment to your conversation.
Summer is perhaps the best time for a visit combining some time at Tanhau with a couple of nights inside the park.
Monsoons are when the wilderness truly takes over. The park is closed during this time and our own activities like the longer jungle hikes too get restricted since the jungle becomes too overgrown & inaccessible. However, Tanhau and it’s surroundings often look at their stunning best during this time – lush green and bursting with new life. The weather is mostly pleasant and occasionally a little cold. On most days, clouds come up from the valley and envelope Tanhau by afternoon. This is the time to come to Tanhau, put your feet up with a good book and enjoy the magic of the monsoons.
Winter is about clear skies, short days and crisp cold weather with gorgeous sunshine during the day. Evenings are lovely, hearing the sounds of the jungle while enjoying a drink around a bonfire. Birding activities are highest during this time and a short walk often gives you a stunning view of many of the Himalayan snow peaks. This is also the time when our activities like jungle hikes & camping are restarted after the enforced break of the monsoons. Some of our most treasured wildlife experiences like sightings of the rarely seen Himalayan Serow & Chukar partridges happen at this time. Big cat activity around Tanhau also tends to be highest in the winter. With the park reopening in mid-November, this is also a great time to spend some time both at Tanhau & inside the park.
Come and experience Tanhau any time across the year, it’s always magical.
Wildlife Around Tanhau
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Birds Around Tanhau
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Trip Tips
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Corbett and Tanhau have distinctly different seasons, and it’s important that you come prepared correctly so that you truly enjoy your stay with us.

Clothing –

• Winter: Make sure to carry adequate warm clothing, including woolen caps and gloves. Mornings and evenings can be very cold, especially if    you go for a jungle safari in an open safari vehicle.

• Summer: Loose cotton clothes are recommended during this time. If you are planning to go on nature hikes or camping, then please carry   along some long trousers and long sleeved t-shirts to avoid getting scratched by the undergrowth.

• Monsoons: Please carry a raincoat if possible, this will help you enjoy the magic of the monsoons better. If it’s windy, Tanhau can get a little chilly during this season so you could also consider carrying a light windcheater.

• Across all Seasons:
1 Carry a pair of good walking shoes
2 Try to have muted colours for at least the outer layer of your clothing as bright colours disturb the animals

• Medicines – In case you have a specific medical condition, please do remember to carry along your medicines. We have a medical kit in Tanhau that covers the more widely used medicines, however the chemists’ shops in Rmanagar are not very well stocked.

• Others –
1 Torch: If possible, do carry along a torch or headlamp along with you – it will definitely be useful during the evenings at Tanhau
2 Insect repellent, mainly in the monsoons
Location & How to Reach
Abbott Mount Cottage - Abbott Mount
Tanhau is located in the Mohan range on the north eastern edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand. It is 42 kilometers away from the nearest railhead Ramnagar.

How to get to Tanhau from Delhi:

By Road

The distance from Delhi is approximately 300 km and the directions are as given below. The directions are based on present road conditions and therefore suggest the best route:

• Delhi–Garaula (~115 km from Nizamuddin Bridge): Take NH 24 via Ghaziabad Via Hapur bypass to Gajraula. Gajraula is a good place for a meal with multiple options like McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Tadka. Udupiwala etc. All of the restaurants mentioned above have clean washrooms. There is also a fuel station right next to McDonalds.

• From McDonalds at Gajraula carry on straight for exactly 60.8 km till the end of the Moradabad bypass

• At the end of the bypass take a sharp left (nearly an U-turn). After this left, continue straight for exactly 2.2 kms, post which you take a right towards Kashipur. Please ensure that you do not carry on straight into Moradabad city.

• After taking the right, continue straight to Kashipur (~45 km). ON reaching Kashipur, take a left and drive straight through Kashipur and further continue straight on to Ramnagar (25 km)

• Drive straight through Ramnagar following the highway to Mohan (20 km)

• At the Mohan checkpost, take the left fork towards Marchula

• From Mohan, drive about 7 km till you pass Durgadevi gate (entry point into the Lohachaur zone of CTR) on your left. About 2 km after you have passed the Durgadevi gate (and about 5.5 km prior to reaching Marchula) you will reach Chimtakhal.

• Chimtakhal is the first location on the road where you will see a road turning off to the right. There is also the remnants of an earlier existing dhaba that used to b there. From Chimtakhal, take the road to the right.

• Continue approximately 8 km along this road till a bus stop called Pathoria. We would be waiting at Pathoria to receive you and bring you up the last 4 kilometers of dirt track.

Driving time to Ramnagar from Delhi is around 5 hrs if you leave reasonably early in the morning. From Ramnagar, it takes about another 1.5 hours to cover the 42 km to Tahau.

If you would prefer not to drive and rather hire a taxi from Delhi, we will be happy to arrange it for you. We work with operators who we trust and can vouch for.

By Train

The nearest rail head from Tanhau is Ramnagar ( 42 km).

There are two trains that ply daily between Delhi and Ramnagar, making it very convenient to reach Tanhau easily: • The Sampark Kranti Express (train number 15035) departs Old Delhi railway station at 1600 hrs and reaches Ramnagar at 2040 hrs. From Ramnagar, the 25036 Link Express leaves Ramnagar at 0950 hours, reaching Delhi at 1520 hours.

• The Ranikhet Express (train number 15013) leaves Old Delhi railway station at 2230 hours and arrives in Ramnagar at 0445 the following morning. The 25014 Corbett Link Park Express leave Ramnagar daily at 2200 hours, reaching Delhi the next morning at 0355 hrs.

We will, of course, be happy to be at Ramnagar station to receive you and drive you to Tanhau.

Near Corbett Tiger Reserve Village Bhatoli,
District Almora Uttarakhand, India.

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