Facing the magnificence of the sacred Himalayas and encompassing an enchanting sprawl of a 13-acre virgin orchard, the Holm Farm Heritage is an incredible combination of the traditional and the modern. This Majestic Bungalow has six comfortable suite and a museum like lobby with pinewood floor, ceiling, century old Hand painted wall paper, an antique piano , old colonial furniture and much more which itself tells the remaining story of the bungalow.

From the Ranikhet town, Holm Farm Heritage is a mere 10 minutes drive along a zigzag dirt road amid pine, cedar, oak and chestnut groves.
Description of Rooms

1. Victoria Suite( Room No. 1.): Room on the ground Floor facing north and the Might Himalayan Ranges.

2. Elizabeth Suite ( Room No. 3.): Room on the First Floor facing north and the Might Himalayan Ranges.

3. Edward suite (Room No. 4. ): Room on the First Floor facing north and the Might Himalayan Ranges.

4. William Room ( Room No. 2. ): Room on the ground Floor facing west.

5. Mount – Batton Room ( Room No. 6.): Room on the First Floor facing South West it has two bed room with one Bath room and a beautiful Balcony with great view of sunset, this room is ideal for a family.

6. George Room ( Room No. 5.): Room on the First Floor facing South East.

7. Bouganvilla Room ( Room No.7.): This is the room adjoining the independent cottage or the Orchid Cottage and is ideal if you have a bigger family it has beautiful view of the Himalayas as well as the Bouganvilla bush very close to the room.

8. Orchid Cottage( Room No. 8/9 ): This is a four bedded Cottage which has two bed room with two bath rooms , a private lawn and also a beautiful verandah which has a beautiful view of Himalayas. This cottage is ideal for two families.

9. Bottle Brush Hut ( Room No 9.) : This is the first Log hut in the catagory of huts

10. Geranium Hut ( Room No. 10.): This is the second log hut adjoining Lily Hut.

11. Lily Hut ( Room No. 11.): This is the third log hut adjoining Geranium Hut.

12. Rose Hut ( Room No.12.) : This is the forth log hut adjoining Gerbera Hut.

13. Gerbera Hut ( Room No 13.): This is the fifth log hut adjoining Rose Hut.

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