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Dear Mr Dilip Gupta,

I shall definitely put a review about Mountain Trail on Tripadvisor.Both of us were very impressed by your place; the service ,food and comfort level were all excellent.Your birds were a great attraction. If I ever come that side again ,I shall definitely stay there. I shall also recommend you to anyone planning to visit Mukteshwar.

Sarala Unni

  • Hi Mayank,
    This is Jyoti, I had booked Mountain Trail resort from March 20-22 along with my family members. I just wanted to thank you for a pleasant stay in the resort and the hospitality bestowed upon us by your staff. I had left a shawl and my daughter's jacket by accident in my room, and your staff was kind enough to report it to us and send it back to our Delhi address. I am really thankful for that!

    I live in New York and visit India every year. Hopefully during our next trip, we will be able to visit Mukteshwar again and stay in your beautiful resort!

    Thanks again!
    Jyoti Rathi
    NY Style Examiner

  • Dear Mayank,
    (Mountain Trail, Mukteshwar)

    As we have now returned to home, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your whole team for the excellent, timely and efficient services experienced by me and my colleagues during our trip.

    The accommodation was in perfect order everywhere and we had pleasant stay at Mountain Trail, Mukteshwar. The guides, Singers, Guitarist and your whole Staff who participated, were fantastic, and extremely valuable for us. They have to be congratulated on their excellent command of the knowledge and hospitality. The weekend spent with the staff was exquisite and unforgettable treat for all my team members.

    I remember every bit of fun I had during my stay in your resort. Everything including pleasant cool weather, Awesome & mouth-watering Foods, picturesque scenery, and the presence of your skilled staff was just wonderful and charming.

    I am indeed grateful to all of you treating me as a member of your family. Thanks can't convey the gratitude I feel for all these precious moments.

    We hope to avail your services next time when we travel and much appreciates your services.

    With best wishes,

    Nityanand Singh
    Assistant Vice President (Business Development)
    Maharana Infrastructure & Professional Services (P) Limited (MIPSL)

  • Honestly, I loved the way of welcome. It was more than expectation. It is lifetime experience here, specially 1st day activity and lunch. I love food specially (Baingan ka Bharta). Even after I was not well. I ate lots of Chapati.
    Arun Malik, Faridabad, Haryana, India
  • The staff was so welcoming and caring. Our every need was met. Your resort was one of the highlights of our trip.
    Thank you to everyone for this most wonderful stay!!!

    Cynthia Harris, USA
  • had a wonderful time.....infact thanks for making my stay memorable...espically the service & food provided was awesum......would like to be to m'shwr many more times......take care.. all the best....
    Chaitanya Tupe, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Sir, really enjoyed the short, i think too short, break at Mukteshwar. Excellent food, great location, helpful staff and superlative ambience really made it memorable. However, i think in extreme cold conditions a room heater is mandatory and you should include it in the price, rather than charge extra. Just a suggestion. Also do you deliver chocolates in mumbai & if so .how? Awaiting your reply. Regards
    Parag Shah, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Hi Mayank, This is thank you and your team for the hospitality demonstrated towards us during our trip to your resort in Mukteshwar last week. Mayank, let me share with you that this trip was the best ever and everybody right from eldest in the group, to youngest in the group literally enjoyed. Everybody had fun and was delighted. The View from the Resort was marvelous (from all the cottages). The food was excellent and the level of hospitality and courtesy demonstrated by your team was exemplary. The Bus arrangement done by you was also perfect and everything went off seamless and without any inconvenience of the group members.

    Thanks you very much and hope to see you again soon (Either in Delhi or Mukteshwar).
    Dheeraj Manchanda, Eli Lilly and Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Dear Mayank, Greetings from W+K!, It has been a week now since we left Mountain Trail and I can freely speak on everyone's behalf when I say that we remember your excellent hospitality everyday.
    Thank you for making our retreat at Mukteshwar so memorable. We truly appreciated the fact that all our needs were met. And that all that was discussed was provided.
    Your personal involvement was invaluable as was the involvement of Mr. Abraham.
    Other than the excellent food and service from staff that felt like family, I also wish to thank you for arranging the outdoor adventure activities. They were extremely well-planned.
    (I do wonder however if the wild boars, the leopard cubs, and the mountain goats actually paid a visit or if they were made to exist only to heighten our sense of adventure!).
    The artists returned from Mukteshwar extremely satisfied. The kudos that they have been publicly giving Wieden + Kennedy for a well-organised retreat is also shared with you.
    I hear the Mountain Trail Resort is making its name in the art circuit and beyond with the artists speaking highly of it whenever they mention the W+K retreat.

    Wishing the very best to you as well as the Mountain Trail Resort! On behalf of the W+K Team, Best regards Priya Pall, Wieden + Kennedy, New Delhi, India
    • A wonderful place with friendly and helpful staff. We have been wonderfully looked after and entertained with picnics, outings, songs & dances. I'll tell my friends in England to come here, and hope to return. - Hillary Roay, Buckinghamshire, UK
    • The place where you come and forget the hub of every day life. A beautiful view of Himalayan range, tranquility and excellent hospitality. An excellent vacation place. - Dr. A.S. Prasad, Kanpur
    • The place is extraordinary. Food is very good, staff is honest. Would like to come again and again. - Manmohan Singh Bhogal, Ludhiana
    • A delightful place and a clean pleasant room in a flower garden, perfect! - Mark Tower, Austral
    • The resort is excellent and very well maintained. The staff was superb and polite and of very helpful nature. The scenery around viewed from room was excellent, mind- refreshing. - Dr. Rajesh Panje, Amravat

    • We enjoyed our stay in Mountain Trail more than we expected. Excellent service and hospitality. - B.K. Chaudhary, Commander, Jet Airways
    • The rooms are very clean..The concern for environment is praiseworthy. - Puspa Mitra, Kolkata
    • Beautiful place, extraordinary location. Our tryst with nature has really been a memorable one. Would like to visit again very soon, the view from the room itself is magnificent. If only I were a poet to compose beautiful poetry about this place and the majestic Himalayas. - Mala & Gaureen Nagarsheth, Ahmedaba

    • The scenic views will long remain in memory as will the homely friendly atmosphere of the resort, the excellent food &service & the way it combines modern facilities & comfort with a traditional ethnic ambience. - Rajni Kumar, Chairman, Spring Dales Schools, New Delhi
    • A wonderful place to spend Xmas, Charming Scenery & great walking, Thank you. - Brain James, Kazaksthan
    • Great resort, great service as has been the case in my last five visits. - Sanjay Riana, Singapore
    • Ideal Place.. Special, Simple but Wonderful. - Leo G Duse, Malaysia
    • Calm tranquility, Whispering willows, smiling staff & yummy food. - Dr. Pravin Gupta, Nagpur

    • Thank you so much for your hospitality in this lovely place. Hope to come here again.- Col. K. Vassilliev & Party, Asstt. Millitary Attache, Russian Embassy, New Delhi
    • A wonderful quite place, with an amazing view to the mountains. - Doris/ Christine Ciglar, Switzerland
    • Staying with you has been one of the truly memorable & enjoyable times of my life. - Bruce Neibaur / Alex, UTAH, USA
    • The full team at MOUNTAIN TRAIL has excelled in their courteousness & professionalism in hosting our entire film production team. - Afsana Amarsh/ Keero Birla, Canada
      Producers, "India, Kingdom of The Tiger" an IMAX Film Experience
    • It was a wonderful & relaxed stay. The children too enjoyed themselves. - Begum Noor Bano of Rampur
    • A very restful time because of the excellent service and helpful staff and of course the lovely location. - Mark Tully, New Delhi
    • Excellent stay & service, keep it up. - Rakesh Roshan, Film Personality, Mumbai
    • "I would like to thank you for the good care at the Mountain Trail Resort, the perfect organization by your team, the friendly staff, the good food, the nice rooms, the green philosophy, the delicious chocolates (and as a Belgian, I know how good chocolates taste!), ..
    The Mountain Trail Resort is extremely beautiful set in the Kumaon landscape. We felt very sad we couldn't stay longer. It means we probably have to come back!" - (Kurt & Lori Debrouwer-Jenson, Kuurne, Belgium)


    • ".. so soothing to the eye and the solitude soothes the mind too". - (O.P. Bhagat, The Tribune - 14th Aug 1998)
    • "Is reasonably cheerful, clean and neat, offering homely comforts and equally homely food". - (Times of India, New Delhi - 22nd Oct.1998)
    • Mountain Trail - a cross between a home and a hotel. - (Business Standard July 99)
    • At the highest point (among tourist destinations) in Kumaon at 8000 ft... is the Mountain Trail which is by far the best destination of all. - (Rabindra Seth, Hotelier & Caterer - March 2000)

      Chauthi Jali, the very edge of Mukteshwar. It's a view you're not likely to forget for the rest of your life. The most cozy hotel room in the Hills, Mountain Trail. - (Maryam Rishie, Business Standard - 25 March 2000)

    • An engineer turned resort entrepreneur built a resort called Mountain Trail. It MERITS to be a DIRECT DESTINATION by itself. - (Dharmarajan, Express Travel & Tourism - April 2000)
    • Mukteshwar's numerous fruit orchards of peach, plums, apricots, apples, pears, make it the fruit basket of Kumaon. - (The Pioneer - 10 June 2000)
    • "Need a refreshing break? Head for Mountain Trail" - (Outlook - May 22, 2000)
    • Mukteshwar, another little town that has, thankfully been by passed by tourists.. The upmarket Mountain Trail Hotel is plush. - (The Statesman - 21 July 2000)
    • Fresh air, invigorating walks, and an idyllic setting classifies the place - (Cosmopolitan - Feb. 2001)
    • Having traveled all over the hills of Himachal, Garhwal & Kumaon..
    • There are few places that can match Mukteshwar. - (Murad Ali Baig - Sept. 2001)
    • The rejuvenating forest walks & enchanting sunsets will leave a lasting impression. - (Hindustan Times - HT City - Dec. 2001)
    • Certainly one of the best things to be found here is the magnificent view of the Himalayas. - (Outlook Traveller - June 2002)
    • You could stay at The Excellent Mountain Trail Located in large gardens. All rooms offer a great view of the high Himalaya. Do try Mountain Trail's multi-cuisine restaurant." - (OUTLOOK Traveller Guide on Uttarakhand - 2007 edition)
    • The Mountain Trail Resort has made Mukteshwar popular only by word of mouth. An added feather to the hat is that it is the only manufacturer of center filled imported chocolates under the brand name choco-house. It has a long list of patrons who visit the resort again and again. There is immense encouragement received from all our guests through comments on tripadvisor, Holiday IQ, letters received by Email, guest reviews posted on our website, all would help you decide if this is your kind of holiday and if it’s really worth it. The USP of course is personalized service, passionate involvement by the owners who thrive hard to ensure best service practices, best food quality, warm and courteous staff, basic but comfortable, neat, clean and hygienic stay.
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